Evolving Cyber Needs, Part Two: Software-Defined Networking

The rise and the risks of SDN 6-minute read The hottest IT property is now in the cloud — and your network needs to take you there. As cloud-based apps and services become the new standard, software-defined networking (SDN) is becoming a default design. In …


Evolving Cyber Needs, Part One: Security

How to develop your SMB’s multi-layered approach 6-minute read It’s essential to have a proactive approach to IT Management and Cyber Security today. If you still rely on reactive measures, you are leaving an “open” back door that is vulnerable, and one day just may …


Third Party Maintenance Providers: What They Are and Why You Need One

Analyst firm Gartner conducted a survey of companies to determine what their IT budget priorities were going into 2016. Of the companies that participated, 95% prioritized increasing efficiency and business processes, with 43% of those companies defining that as a major priority. In addition, 91% of surveyed …


Why Have So Many Businesses Moved to the Cloud?

Cloud solutions have tipped the balance, proving they’re secure and cost-effective… if done the right way 4-minute read Your business can’t afford to experiment with risky IT solutions—but it also can’t afford to be left behind. How can you tell if the cloud market has …


What to Know About Outsourced IT and After-Hours Data Center Coverage

Three Major Factors That Negatively Influence After-Hours Performance Our always-on global economy demands that today’s businesses operate 24x7x365 days a year. Despite the fuzzy demarcation line between our professional and our personal lives, most members of the workforce get to break away at the end of …


Understand Your Limitations: Basic OEM Warranty vs. SLA Management

A comparison of Basic OEM Warranties vs. Enhanced SLA Management 1. Basic Warranties A common practice in the data center industry is to rely on the basic OEM warranties provided by the various equipment vendors. These warranties do provide a basic level of protection. There …

Fewer Badges, Fewer Risks | Data Center Security

Data Center Security: Fewer Badges, Fewer Risks

How data center managers can adapt to the NSA breach, GDPR requirements, and other news. A data breach could put a critical crack in your company’s image. Small businesses are the most common and vulnerable targets, but even the largest agencies are not immune. In …


Maximizing Lifecycle Support for OEM Equipment: End of Maintenance Preparation

As technological advances increase the size and complexity of enterprise networks, more companies are considering a shift from OEM service and support in favor of third-party maintenance. Research from Gartner (1) found that while support contracts from OEM and TPM offer similar coverage, businesses can save …

data center migration

Steps to a Successful Data Center Migration

During the M&A process, data centers will be merged, consolidated, and integrated to save money, improve resource efficiency, and better represent the new organization at the end of the merger or acquisition. Data center migration, however, is an enormous, complex process that requires careful planning, …

EOL Support

EOSL Support: What You Need to Know

In your IT Infrastructure, it is inevitable that at some point an OEM will declare a hardware device “End of Service Life” (EOSL). EOSL refers to the date after which technical support either in the form of telephone or on-site labor, or spare parts, or both …


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