The Top Seven Considerations for Choosing a Data Center Services Partner

Outsource your data center to a partner that best fits your needs – free inforgraphic

Deciding who to outsource your data to can be overwhelming. This infographic will make it much easier. 

As you think about outsourcing your data center, consider this statistic: IT spending on data center systems worldwide is estimted to reach 178 billion USD by 2020 – Gartner. 

Cost management is one of the most common reason companies decide to outsource their data center. However, before you commit to a third party vendor, there are many important things to consider. 

This one-page guide will help you identify and understand the most important questions to ask when choosing a data center services partner, including: 

  • Does the vendor provide packaged portfolio, off-the-shelf services or flexible terms and services? 
  • What level of assistance/support is given? Are they single source providers or multiple specialists? 
  • Do you need a partner with a global presence or regional/local footprint?

Download this infographic and make an informed decision today.

Download the infographic. Make an informed decision.

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