CASE STUDY: Financial Industry Giant Banks on Maintech to Provide Timely Operating System Upgrade

Data Center Hardware Maintenance

Updating thousands of desktop computers to a new operating system is a difficult but unavoidable task for many large institutions. It was only a matter of time until our client, a world renowned bank with over 1,500 branches in the US and Canada, needed an upgrade.

A successful update requires extensive planning, testing, coordination, and user training. Add to that the tight deadline of an approaching Windows OS license expiration date and the need to migrate thousands of users becomes rather daunting.

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That’s when Maintech came into the picture for this bank. Not only did they have numerous locations due to their growth and acquisitions, but they also had numerous IT platforms and in-house systems. Maintech executed a massive system upgrade across various platforms, applications, and network devices with as little interruption to thousands of users and customers as possible.

About Maintech

Maintech was founded in 1973 as a Third Party Maintenance (TPM) company delivering IT Hardware Maintenance services to the Financial Services and Telecommunications marketplaces.  Over the years, Maintech has evolved into a truly Independent Services Organization (ISO) delivering a comprehensive portfolio of single-source Managed Services for IT Infrastructure Support including Hardware Maintenance, NOC Monitoring, Server and Network Administration, Cloud Services, Help Desk, IT Asset Management/Destruction and many more.  Maintech serves customers ranging from the SMB to the Fortune 100 global enterprise marketplace.  Collectively, Maintech and its sister company DecisionOne, represent the largest IT Infrastructure Services-only company in the market today.  For more information, contact Maintech at 973-330-3200 or visit

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