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Why Have So Many Businesses Moved to the Cloud?

Cloud solutions have tipped the balance, proving they’re secure and cost-effective… if done the right way 4-minute read Your business can’t afford to experiment with risky IT solutions—but it also can’t afford to be left behind. How can you tell if the cloud market has …


What to Know About Outsourced IT and After-Hours Data Center Coverage

Three Major Factors That Negatively Influence After-Hours Performance Our always-on global economy demands that today’s businesses operate 24x7x365 days a year. Despite the fuzzy demarcation line between our professional and our personal lives, most members of the workforce get to break away at the end of …


Understand Your Limitations: Basic OEM Warranty vs. SLA Management

A comparison of Basic OEM Warranties vs. Enhanced SLA Management 1. Basic Warranties A common practice in the data center industry is to rely on the basic OEM warranties provided by the various equipment vendors. These warranties do provide a basic level of protection. There …


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